The 54th Annual San Francisco International Film Festival

Tommy Lau

FORTNIGHT FEST: There are some smart movie lovers out there. We're talking about the people who always seem to score tickets to every hard-to-get-into thing, the same people who always find the best seat and the hottest tub of popcorn. We're just betting these are the very people who planned wisely, and who will be attending both the San Francisco International Film Festival and the Newport Beach Film Festival. That is no mean feat, of course; two of the Golden State's biggest cinefests just happen to overlap. Newport is set to roll on April 28, but SFIFF kicks off its two-week run on Thursday, April 21.

MIRANDA JULY: There are many films on the grid, as one would expect; we're looking forward to Miranda July's "The Future" (there's a pussy cat and time-travelery in the mix, we hear), and Ewan McGregor in "Beginners." Some classics will also screen, like "La Dolce Vita." If you're Bay-Area-ing it some time before May 5, and you count yourself as a smart movie lover (we bet you are), take a look at what's playing.

AND ON ITS HEELS: The Santa Catalina Film Festival opens May 6. All film all the time would be a dream life, especially when there's an island at the end of a good run.

Photo credit: Tommy Lau

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