The Academy Saves Winners a Trip

Pre-engraved name plates for your Oscars. Handy.


So you've won an Oscar. Now the offers are rolling in. So many juicy roles. Plus, the talk shows. The sit-down interviews. The television cameo on the hot hit series.

There's absolutely no time to run by the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to get your Oscar statue engraved with your own movie-star moniker. Thank goodness, then, that the Academy had handy, pre-engraved nameplates ready to go at the 2010 Oscars.

In the past, Oscar statues got name-plate'd post-ceremony, at a later date.

Now, instant gratification. The plates went on the statues backstage, pronto. That's so nice of the Academy. Totally saving movie stars an errand. Or the movie stars' people. All those frantic managers' assistants.

But we've always preferred to think that the Oscar winner himself, or herself, picked up her own newly engraved statue, before stopping at the dentist and the grocery store. Just another round of errands on a Tuesday.

What kind of slip do you think winners were given in the past, to pick up their statues? Was a date circled on the slip, like the dry-cleaners? Fantasies. Not interesting fantasies, but fantasies none the less.

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