The Avalanche Dogs of Mammoth

Mammoth Stories return with a look at the mountain's star canines.


WHERE THE BROCHURE ENDS: There's nothing not to like about a good "welcome to our resort/hotel/city" brochure. Pretty pictures and flowery words and all sorts of paeans, deserved or less so, fill the pages. But what's the story of the place? Or, more interestingly, the stories? Not just the one polished and buffed for page 2 of the brochure, but how was a resort founded and what makes it tick? Mammoth Mountain has been on top of those questions in a lively and, indeed, social media age sort of way. Nope, we're not claiming that the popular ski destination is ditching the brochures -- no place should, as it gives us something to read when we first arrive -- but Mammoth is telling Mammoth Stories online. They're short zippy videos and they've already covered a few interesting topics, like Mammoth's founder Dave McCoy.

THE LATEST VIDEO... is sure to win over those who dig skiing, safety, and animals on the mountain. Yep, it's about the famous avalanche dogs of the Mammoth Mountain Ski Patrol. They look like a bold and brave lot, so take a peek as to what these canines do to keep a watchful eye, and paw, on the skiers of the slopes.

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