The Bird and the Bee Rock Adjacent to Birds, Bees

We've seen plenty of birds at Descanso Gardens. Not sure about the whole bee department. Maybe a few deliciously fat spiders passing time in some gorgeous bed-sized webs, but that's in the fall, so don't freak out, arachnophobes.

But the Bird and the Bee -- as in Inara George and Greg Kurstin -- will be fluttering about Descanso on Thursday, June 25th, starting at 6:15PM. If you're a fan of the duo, you know that George and Kurstin's pop-sweet music is a perfect fit for a bloom-y, beautiful spot. In our minds, we're spread out on the grass in something gossamer, starring at the darkening sky, while "Again & Again" plays again and again.

The concert is going down just before sundown, that magic hour, and Patina Catering will be on the grounds boxing up barbecue for $10 (including, wait for it, chili-lime skirt steak). There will be no-alcohol, lemonade-laden "Bird" and "Bee" cocktails, too.

Thursday. Gloaming. Skirt steak and virgin bevs. Damp grass and clever, perky songs. Somewhere, in the distance, a wee spider spins.

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