The Bolts Strike At Tomorrowland

Pop-rock band plays for the little people

The Bolts

Young and energetic is the best way to describe The Bolts.

They are an Irvine based pop-rock band made up by Farmer brothers -- Heath, Addam and Austin -- and their friends Ryan Kilpatrick and Matt Champagne.

The brothers founded the group after years of performing and writing music together.

Two of the members, Addam and Heath, stopped by NewsRaw to talk about their upcoming album.

"It's the missing piece of the puzzle for us. We've been waiting to translate that into recordings and this is definitely it," says Heath Farmer.

Vocalist Addam Farmer says their music is "a mix between the Beach Boys, the Killers, and Muse. A throwback four-part harmonies mixed in with new modern rock."

Last year, the group won Best Pop Artist at the 2009 Orange County Music Awards.

The Bolts have been working with Andy Johns, who's produced for legendary artists like Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones and Joe Satriani, among others.

Their song "This Can't Be Real," is a collaboration with Johns.

"To be able to work with him was just a crazy and cool experience," said Heath Farmer.

You won't find them touring anytime soon, as two of the members are still in high school, but they perform regularly at Disneyland's Tomorrowland Terrace and Downtown Disney stages.

You can also find The Bolts on Myspace.

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