The Cannes Red Carpet Puts Us in the Pink

Red carpets fascinate. Even people who swear they don't know one star from another will pause in the grocery store line to cast a furtive glance at a pic of some dewy young thing throwing down a come-hither glance at the last big movie premiere.

But the queen of all carpets is unrolled at Festival de Cannes. We know, the mere fact that it is in Cannes, surrounded by some of the most glorious coastline in the world, ups the fancy ante, but we would argue there's more to it. The celebs bring their A game, and the variety of celebs astonishes. In 2009, just so far, we've spied Mariah Carey, Lenny Kravitz, Martin Scorsese, and Rosanna Arquette. (Note to Rosanna Arquette: please do a "Desperately Seeking Susan" sequel, and see if Madonna will also star.)

We snooped around to see if we could find some interesting factoids about why this particular red carpet holds such mystere for us. Maybe it is bigger in terms of square-footage; maybe it is plusher. Are there diamond chips sparkling in its very fibers? One theory we had. But answers elude us, and we're ultimately okay with not knowing. But other red carpets around the globe must be envious, if material and fabric and rubber backing can be envious.

Finally, we like how all the photographers lining the Cannes carpet are in formal wear. Truly swank. What if the paps around our town had to put on tux and tails before heading out to snap the stars? Just a thought.

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