The Cinema, Sartorially

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BELOW THE COLLAR T-SHIRTS: The Dirty Harry appeals (we almost -- *almost* -- typed makes our day, but refrained). So does the "There's no crying in baseball!" tee. Oh Tom Hanks. (We almost -- *almost* -- typed that he's in a league of his own). The selection of tees, and the movies they represent, is pretty colorful. "Road House"? Yes. The "Cool Hand Luke" Man with No Eyes tee is $19.99, at Below the Collar.

LAST EXIT TO NOWHERE T-SHIRTS: Movie tee that don't actually have the movie name; rather, they sport the logo and fictional business/school from the movie itself. Is the Overlook Hotel available? We'll check, but until then, we like the Lighthouse Lounge ladies tee. Lighthouse Lounge, of course, was from "Goonies." We're wearing it. Via Last Exit to Nowhere, £18

NOBODY PUTS BABY IN THE CORNER T-SHIRT: Because it is pink. Because the font looks very bubbly and shiny and 1987-ish, the year "Dirty Dancing" debuted. Because. Via, $24

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