The Cobb Salad in Cocktail Form

Yep, it's a drinkable Cobb salad. Sort of. Cheers!

The Grill on the Alley

Blinking straws. Flash-frozen garnishes. Liquor strained through other liquor, twice.

Trendy beverages fascinate and perplex us, but sometimes we just want something we know and love in a new but familiar form. Take the Cobb Salad. Love the Cobb Salad. It was invented here, at the Brown Derby, by none other than Mr. Bob Cobb (love Bob Cobb's name).

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could quaff your Cobb?

Oh wait. What? The Grill on the Alley says you can. The swankery's new summer of 2010 beverage is, in fact, the Cobb Cocktail. It's $10 and it is not dissimilar to a Bloody Mary. But it contains several Cobb-y hallmarks, like blue cheese squished in cherry tomatoes and avocado and a spring onion standing in where the celery usually goes.

Dabbing our eyes with a blue cheese-stained cocktail napkin. Dabbing happy tears.

Our next mission is to actually sip a Cobb Cocktail while enjoying a Cobb Salad (the Beverly Hills location lists one for $17.75). You can call our decision meta, we'll call it mmm can't talk mouth full yum.

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