The Costume That Caught Our Eye

"The Hangover" dude turns up Halloween night.


Predicting popular Halloween costumes has become something of an online parlor game, with everyone throwing down a different guess.

What masks and outfits will be flying off the store shelves? Entertainment stars? Political types? The tank-topped, boxer-short'd, camera-wielding couple from "Paranormal Activity"? As always, there were many things in play pre-October 31st. Maybe not quite as many as 2008, when a presidential election was around the corner, but plenty.

Still, seeing several gentlemen dressed as the Zach Galfianakis character from "The Hangover" seemed to dominate our Halloween night. Did you see "The Hangover" guy, too? Complete with shades and strapped-on doll? The multiple sightings cheered us.

Gratitude to a nice man named Kyle who let us snap his picture during our evening's travels. And now, we've learned. Next year, we'll look back a few months, and not weeks, to find the costume that will dominate the holiday. "The Hangover" debuted in June. Staying power, Hollywood. Impressive.

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