The Disposable Film Festival

Phones, quickity cameras and other easy-to-operate devices are the stars.

READY ART: We remember the first time we saw a Polaroid art show, years ago. How novel, we thought. How quirky, we pondered. Will this be a thing, we wondered. And can art be easy, or, at the very least, easier, we mulled. Since that long ago date there've probably been hundreds, if not thousands, of instant photography gallery shows around the globe, and a few very premiere festivals that focus on films and art created with phones and pocket cameras and those devices that don't require rental and hours of set up and a full, 10-person crew. One of the best known is celebrating its half decade this year. It's in San Francisco and it is set to open on Thursday, March 22. The name says it all, too: The Disposable Film Festival.

(Disposable Fim Festival 2012 Official Trailer - Make Some Magic from Disposable Film Festival on Vimeo.)

BAY AREA AND BEYOND: It actually kicks off in San Francisco, and will be arriving in Los Angeles for a one-day-only "bike-in" later this year. But to take advantage of the full flower of screenings and panels and general hubbub that goes with a multi-day party you'll want to get to San Francisco. Can't make it? The kind festians have put a whole bunch of shorts and such from past years up on the web. This gives a flavor. (And kudos Nathan Bransford for the tip.)

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