The Farmers Market's Tastiest Night

Dig Taste of Farmers Market? Tickets for the '12 bash are going on sale.

If you're like us, you likely have opinions about things.

Same page here? Good.

And, like us, you probably go places and think, "sigh, if only they'd do this one thing then this great place would be even better." (Whatever "this" might be.)

That happens rarely in this world but it did happily happen at the Original Farmers Market at Third & Fairfax. Visitors would so often see all the delicious foodstuffs in the Market's dozens of booths and think, "gosh, if only I could have a little taste from every eatery."

And now visitors can and do. Taste of Farmers Market started as a way to celebrate the landmark's 75th birthday a few years back. People loved the food-filled event meaning it quickly evolved into a summertime thing, always falling around the Market's July birthday. This year the date is Tuesday, July 17 and tickets go on sale on Tuesday, June 5.

So, what do you get for your $35 entry fee? Bites galore. You might try a juicy slider made with Nancy Silverton's special beefy blend or a slice of Nutella crepe from the French Market or some empanada goodness from Loteria.

Pace yourself, if you've never been. Pace. Yourself. No other advice beyond that. Slow and easy.

Tickets go up to $40 after July 9 so we recommend getting on 'em early. You can swing by the Farmers Market office to purchase them, which isn't the worst errand in the world. Personally, a quick stop by the ol' FM means an apple fritter or fresh banana or an ice cream cone is potentially in our near future. And that sounds like a pretty good near future to us.

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