The Gorbals Launches Tasting Tuesdays

Now that The Gorbals chef-owner Ilan Hall and Chef de Cuisine Luke Reyes have gotten in a groove, they’ve started to expand the offerings at the cloistered downtown restaurant. Tonight marks the beginning of “Tasting Tuesdays,” a weekly four-course dinner that costs $30. Here’s tonight’s tasting menu, which is subject to last minute changes. Choose one dish from each category.

First Course:
-Chicken liver mousse, apple & pumpernickel
-Yellowtail sashimi

Second Course:
-Sea bass, hen of the woods mushrooms
-Lamb sweetbreads, green bean chutney

Third Course:
-Stuffed crispy pig tails, potato & hollandaise
-Highland steak, curried almonds

-Lemon posset, shortbread cookies
-Chocolate dessert (this has yet to be determined)

There will be vegetarian options, the guests will need to notify their server if there is a vegetarian at the table, and the chefs will make them a dish upon request.

Wine is a $10 supplement. The menu changes each week. As manager Amanda Allgood said, “We don’t really know until the chefs get in the kitchen and start brainstorming.” [Feast LA]

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