The Hollywood-Inspired Cocktail

A Santa Barbara resort creates posh sips for its local film festival.

Four Seasons Santa Barbara

LIBATION SENSATIONS: It's just about now that people start putting their noggins to what they might serve, drink- and food-wise, during the big Oscar show. (That is, if they're having a get-together, but we recommend going splashy, even if you're just at home by yourself, on the couch, in your skivvies). How to tie your edibles to the movies is always a major question mark. We're personally serving a plate of quiet food -- non-crispy bites, so no chips or celery stalks -- in honor of "The Artist" this year, alongside French 75s. But if you're simply looking to tie your menu to the movies at large, and not just the movies of last year, well, you've got choices. The Four Seasons Santa Barbara Biltmore has landed upon a few solid ones, in honor of Film Feast. Film Feast, of course, is the noshy affair that runs concurrently with the Santa Barbara International Film Festival.

ON THE DRINKS MENU: The Four Seasons announced a few film-nice cocktails for Film Feast. Our two picks? Nolan's Touch, which contains Luxardo cherry liquor, gin, lemon, and, wait for it, green chartreuse ice, which sounds highly Nolany to us (Nolany=offbeat, fabulously frosty, and surprising). We're also eying the Franco, which has a tasty bourbon base. James Franco spoke at the festival in support of "127 Hours" a few years back, so it all makes sense. Want more? Yes. We all do. Here's the full Film Feast Biltmore menu. And here are more Film Feast choices. The festival opens on Thursday, Jan. 26.

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