The Inn Above the Tide's Fireplace Bundles

Book a fireplace-ready room, reserve a special Fireplace Bundle, then steal away to Sausalito for winter comfy times.

THE CONCEPT OF COMFINESS... can mean just about a million things, or more, depending upon the person you're speaking with. Some people might favor a hot bath, or a soft throw, or wool socks. But journeying to a well-appointed inn, one that boasts its share of fog and brisk evening temperatures in the cooler months, can put all lovers of comfy pursuits in a single mindset: Relaxing in front of a fireplace. It just so happens that The Inn Above the Tide boasts a number of rooms that come with these wood-ready comfy-makers, but the boutiquery has recently gone beyond in the order-up-some-wood department: The 31-room getaway is now offering Fireplace Bundles, which isn't so much about the crackling logs as what you're doing/enjoying in front of those crackling logs. Prepare for posh perks that may make you pull on the nearest pair of wool socks ASAP and rise to a fresh level of comfy-tude. There's the...

SPICED SOLITUDE BUNDLE, which includes some cinnamon sticks for spicy fragrance as well as a Thermos of toasty apple cider. You'll also find a snuggle-ready blanket in the bundle, as well as a book pick "from the hotel's collection of recommended novels" (Louisa May Alcott's "Little Women" is, of course, a prime pick). As for the other choice, which is a true built-for-two bundle? It's called In Cozy Company, and there's a bottle of Caymus Cabernet Sauvignon to sip, some Recchiuti Chocolates, and a Brain Teasers game. The scent-the-logs addition to this bundle is pine cones, a foresty touch.

IN COZY COMPANY... is $135, Spiced Solitude is $55, and the thought of leaving your room, with its window-ajar San Francisco Bay breezes, may never cross your mind once you're under a blanket with a book or sipping a deep-toned cab. For more info on these unusual but cockles-warming additions to your hotel stay, set sail for the bay-adjacent The Inn Above the Tide (or, first off, give them a jingle).

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