The Latest Food Trend: Cake Balls; How to Order Wine at Restaurants

It's your last lunch before the weekend Feast readers!

1) Cupcakes are so last year. Macarons were a hit last month. What's the next big dessert trend? The cake ball: "spherical desserts made of cake and frosting, covered with a semi-hard sweet coating." Paula Deen is apparently a supporter, so there's really no stopping this one. [Salon]

2) There are a few things you can do if you're looking to avoid public humiliation while ordering wine at a restaurant. The main talking points: plan ahead, don't be vague when describing what you're looking for, and never smell the cork unless you want to look like a "pretentious jerk." (You can tell if the bottle is bad by smelling the wine.) Got it. [SE]

3) And finally, the hushpuppy gets the historic profile that it deserves. Apparently, the fried snack has been around since the Civil War and several states claim that they're responsible for it. Scandalous! [The Atlantic]

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