The Mighty Boosh Hilarity-ing Up Hollywood

Like their surrealist, talky, peering-into-strange-and-dark-corners brothers-in-arms Monty Python and The Goons, The Mighty Boosh has developed a fan base that might follow them to Greenland, while wearing a large fish taped to each knee, if they asked.

The lovers of all things Boosh are that devoted, that knowledgeable of all the sketches, that able to repeat, at will, funny bits delivered by Booshians Julian Barratt and Noel Fielding. (We're fans of "Jazz Trance" ourselves.) You've seen it on the BBC, you've seen it here on Cartoon Network, you've likely seen it online. It feels like we recently saw a bit in a "Secret Policeman's Ball" video. They're everywhere. Everywhere.

But traveling to a cold place with a large fish taped to each knee is *not* necessary on Tuesday, July 28th; that's when the comedy troupe will be haunting Amoeba Records with the sole purpose of making people laugh. Okay, and the auxiliary purpose of signing some DVDs from their first few television seasons (Amoeba has some asks regarding this, so check it out before showing with a stack of discs). They probably have other purposes that have not yet been revealed, which may never be revealed, and perhaps it is useless to speculate upon.

They are accidentally-snort-milk-while-you're-drinking-it funny. You like British comedy. You should go. The whoop-di-do at Amoeba, of course, is free. Fans are asked to dress up as a Boosh character, with possible prizes. The madness begins at 6PM.

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