The Muppets Get Their Star on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Any guesses where in Hollywood the icons landed?

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If you remember "The Muppet Show" -- which we know you definitely do -- you remember that some fierce jockeying for centerstage, and audience glory, went down.

From Fozzie Bear's "wocka wockas" to Animal's infamous drum solos to Miss Piggy's frequent, moi-laden outbursts, many of the Muppets wanted to stand out. So when we heard they'd be sharing a Walk of Fame star, we did wonder if Kermit and Gonzo and the gang could handle splitting the glory.

Turns out they totally can. The Henson-happy icons received the 2,466th Walk of Fame star on Wednesday, March 20. It says, simply, "The Muppets" and bears a film camera (in case you were wondering if they went with the television symbol).

Many of the Muppets showed for the ceremony including Sweetums. Best. Giant. Muppet. Ever.

Now. Time to guess where the star is located. Oh, you know, and you totally know if you saw last year's "The Muppets": El Capitan got the honors. If you're hitting a film there, bet you'll step across the furry ones' star. (El Capitan, of course, played the Muppets' theater in the recent movie; it is also owned by Disney, which oversees all things Muppet.)

There are many stars on the boulevard that get a lot of photo action and tourists pausing to pose, but we see this particular star being a huge draw for months to come.

Wocka wocka.

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