The Ocean's Front Porch

Santa Monica Pier kicks off a new free fall film series.

Piers -- and for that matter boardwalks -- kind of own summertime, or at least the myth of what summertime is.

But piers remain around all year long, of course, even when the nights grow longer; no one comes along and rolls up all the planks at the first hint of fall.

We're luckier 'round these parts, though, given the fact that our warm days last into autumn, and we can make for the Santa Monica Pier even by moonlight. And many of us will be doing just that when the Front Porch Cinema season kicks off on Friday, Sept. 28.

What it is: A free series of film nights on the pier, the kind of thing most places have to wrap up by August. Not here, nuh-uh; we can rock movies like "Exit Through the Gift Shop" and "The Hunger Games" right into October. "The Wizard of Oz" kicks off the series and "(500) Days of Summer" ends it on Oct. 19.

What are the other things to know? There'll be some vintage-style furniture out, to lend additional charm to the charming name of the series. (We never thought about it but isn't the pier like a long front porch right on the Pacific?) DJS, food carts, dress-up opportunities, and other Friday-style fripperies will surround the series.

The Pier is doing a bit of rebranding, in case you haven't heard, with a new web site on the way. We wouldn't be surprised to see more stuff like this come down the pike. Or, erm, ride in on the waves, rather.

See you on the Pacific's front porch.

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