Holiday Time at La Valencia


SPARKLING 101 TO SHOPPING PERKS: Say you're a large and lovely landmark hotel here in the Golden State. Meaning you've been around for 60, 70, even 90 years. Meaning you've got things down. Meaning when the holidays arrive, as they do year after year, you tend to do it up. That doing-it-up is on now at La Valencia, which has a number of packages going (ask about "The Valencia Experience," which involves a trip to Brooks Bros. and your own personal shopper) as well as holiday activities. Our favorite is "Sparkling 101," a lesson in that most bubbly of libations. That's on Tuesday, Dec. 28, but there are several other to-dos at the La Jolla hotel on either side of that date. Check 'em all out now, under "2010 Holiday Festival."

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