The Perfect Movie-Place Pairing

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I CAN'T EVEN: One of our favorite long-running internet memes is the I Can't Even, which basically, at least for us, sums up something that is too powerful and too emotional to even describe. In short, you can't even go on talking or thinking about the matter in question. "Old Yeller" is a big I Can't Even for a lot of people, and has been over many decades. No spoilers here, but we will say that it is Disney and it does involve a boy and his loyal pup and some of the scrapes they get into. Are you already I-Can't-Even-ing? Yep. Lump in the throat time. Fess Parker starred, as you likely remember. And when we heard the Fess Parker Wine Country Inn & Spa in Los Olivos would be screening the film, on Friday, Aug. 19., and for a fine cause, our tail wagged and we leapt to lick the nearest face. (Not really, we were just pretending to be Old Yeller himself there. Sometimes we do that.)

WHAT'S HAPPENING: As mentioned, the movie screens on Aug. 19. The Guide Dog Foundation will benefit, and tri-tip and hot dogs'll be on the grill. Plus, Los Olivos. The perfect town to round out the edges of the week. If you're a Fess fan, or you gosh darn love you that perky pup, and you wouldn't mind a glass or wine or two -- that's for grown-ups only, of course -- best get to the winery for a special movie night.

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