The Plane Slipper

UNISEX ZINETIC POCKET SLIPPERS: For strolling down the aisle to see your friend in first class (they always seem to score first class). For wearing when you just want to curl up in your sleep but don't want to bare those unpedicured toes to rows 10-22. And, TravelSmith suggests, for donning poolside at your destination. We like the rolling-up aspect. Easy to pack. $24.95 

F1 FLIGHT PAK: The moist towelette. That unsung, square-ish, damp hero of going hither and yon. We could pack twenty and still need one more before we reach Atlanta/Milan/Rio. This wee -- "wee" being good here, of course -- Flight 001 kit has everything you need to freshen up mid-flight, including mouthwash, lipbalm, more. And towelettes. Thank you, towelettes. $28

COMFORT PLUS EYE MASK: For those quick naps. We usually refrain from sliding the window shade down if someone in our row is reading. You're the same? Something that makes it nighttime for just you, and not your row-mates, is key. We like the red quilt-y one. Feels very 1950s movie-star-ish. Like we're off to Paris to film a cologne commercial. From Magellan's, $14.85 

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