The Science of Sipping

San Francisco Cocktail Week

TRAVELER'S WANTS: If a person is fond of spirits or a nice glass of bubbly now and then, and they travel a good deal, we imagine a fine hotel bar is near the top of their personal wish list. But what if you went to a city to meet the people behind the bar, and learn from them, and maybe even return home with a tip or two about the finer arts of mixology? That's some serious stuff, but a lot of beveragists keep the San Francisco Cocktail Week on their calendar. The 2011 installment is just head -- well, Sept. 19-25 -- and a roster of tasty to-dos was just released. It's almost as if someone set a sugar cube afire and passed it over each one of these, to make 'em just a little sweeter. Too far? Nah.

SHAKER & FLASK: This event, which is on Wednesday, Sept. 21, focuses on "molecular gastronomy" and how it fits in with drinks and drink-making. Will you sip out of a beaker? We're hoping that for you. We also like the happening that focuses on the East Bay. Hooray! That's on Thursday, Sept. 22. There's a whole bunch of stuff, and the locations are hither and thither, so choosing a hotel or friend's place near a single place might be a challenge. But get looking now, we say. Too far ahead? Nah.

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