The Super Wedding Planner’s Budget Advice

If you can afford a $200,000-plus wedding, congratulations and best wishes. If not, the author of "Beautiful Bride from Every Angle" has some advice for every budget

While some can only afford the Justice of the Peace, others can shell out as much as seven figures when it comes to getting married.

If you have that kind of cash and live in Orange County, then you may want to call Barbara Wallace.  She will make that dream wedding a reality, but it won't be cheap.

While the average American couple spends about $26,000 on that special day, Wallace won't lift a finger for less than $200,000.

Unless you go to the bookstore.

Wallace has co-written a book "Beautiful Bride from Every Angle" that will help those on a budget still have an amazing wedding people will never forget. With the popularity of wedding shows on television, every woman wants that unforgettable day, she said.

Her book is aimed at giving brides not only budget advice, but tips on how to do make-up and  other things that can make or break a wedding.

This from the woman who put together a seven-figure reception that  included an Indian elephant, belly dancers and stilt walkers.

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