The Surf Goes Surreal

Costumed surfers will take to the Santa Monica waves.

ZJ Boarding House

Our city didn't invent Halloween, but let's say we have a proven track record of running with the concept.

Yep, "Halloween" was filmed in Hollywood and South Pasadena (that the Myers house by the Goldline stop). Yep, we have some of the most lavish haunted houses in the world, thanks to our theme parks. And yes, on occasion, surfers costume up and hit the boards.

That'll be going down, in fact, in Santa Monica on Saturday, Oct. 29. ZJ Boarding House is hosting its third annual Halloween Heats. It's a contest, so there are "grab bags" and "rad prizes." (Thank you, surfers everywhere, for fighting the good fight and keeping rad alive.) Anyone of any level may enter. And entry is free.

We're making mention early in case you want to get working on your get-up. We can imagine that planning an outfit for the event would have its creative challenges. Good challenges, but challenges. What will have a lot of visual impact, some oomph, look good against an ocean backdrop, and won't be hard to maneuver in while standing on a board? Questions.

If you don't want to dress as a vampire and surf -- surfing vampires, hooray! -- you can watch, of course. I'll be going down at the end of Ocean Park Boulevard on Oct. 29. Spooky-spooky, LA-style.

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