The Tooth, and Nothing But the Tooth

KNOCKOUT IDEA: When a kid loses a tooth, the usual routine goes like this: stash tooth under pillow, subsidize Tooth Fairy, toss tooth into some sort of "memory box" (because parents are capable of being sentimental over almost anything), wait for next tooth to get loose, repeat.

Tried and true, we know. But there's a better way to celebrate the loss of your child's incisor. Cast it in gold and voila! Instant statement piece.

That's what they do over at Le Knockout, where Oregon-based mom/jewelry designer Kim Kovel turned a tooth-y charm she made for herself into a business. Best yet, Kovel uses fair trade gemstones, recycled packaging and casting methods that preserve the original tooth (in case you decide to keep the memory box after all).

THE WHOLE TOOTH: Le Knockout charms run from $300, and can be ordered from

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