The Ultimate in Pension Double Dipping

Attention would-be reformers of California's pension system: you have the example for your poster boards.

Her name is Cristina Carrizosa, and she should soon be made famous. She is a city councilman in the city of Pomona in eastern LA County. She also worked for the Pomona Unified School District.

That gave her an interest in two pensions -- one for her school work, one for her work on the council. According to a report in the Inland Valley Daily Bulletin, in a deal to maximize the benefits of these pensions, she convinced her colleagues on the Pomona council to let her resign her seat on the council on the same day she retired from the school district. Then....


The council appointed her back to the council two days later.

The purpose of all this maneuvering: allowing her to maximize her pension and, according to the web site PublicCEO, boost her salary from the city of Pomona.

This is profoundly troubling, and there should be pressure brought on Carrizosa to give up her seat for good. Remember that for all the talk about pensions and state workers, much of the unfunded pension liabilities are a result of promises made at the local level by local officials like Carrizosa.

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