The Weekend Goes Old-School: Jane Monheit, More…

Surely you have seamed stockings on hand, or a well-cut suit, or a fedora, or something with some va-voom. The weekend's rife with to-dos that say "time machine" to us, without all the complicated wires and pushing of buttons and having to build the contraption first. Put on your dressy duds and make for...

JANE MONHEIT: She's young -- she's just barely cracked her 30s -- yet this torch-y singer sounds as if she belongs on a big band stage, on some fancy ocean liner, circa 1951. We like her vintage-vibed takes on standards from the Great American Songbook, but all her jazzy notes are nice to hear. Ms. Monheit waxes on romance at the Catalina Jazz Club through Sunday, March 1.  6725 W. Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood. 323-466-2210 

TOM WAITS TOUR: So he didn't get his start back in '44, but sometimes bourbon-voiced Tom Waits sounds like he's been around for a long, long time. That voice just says I'm weary, I'm making it work, and man, I've seen some stuff. The smarties at Esotouric, those bus-touring Bukowski buffs, lead Waits fans on an in-depth, tale-packed look at the artist's LA days. Saturday, February 28. Hollywood area (see site for location/ticket details).

MORE WAYS TO VINTAGE IT UP THIS WEEKEND: The Great Los Angeles Air Raid of 1942 is remembered, in reenactment, dance, and song, in San Pedro. The traditional game of bocce ball continues its climb in newfound popularity, complete with a tourney (and Italian festival) at the Bowers Museum. And the Derby Dolls are keeping alive that elbows-and-attitude sport that rolled to prominence a half century ago, roller derby. Roll on, ladies!

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