The Wonders of WonderCon

We're a few weeks out from the mega pop culture confab. Have your strategy?

FIRST VISIT: There are many seasoned convention goers and devotees to comics and movies and such who know WonderCon, the annual springtime pop culture extravaganza, as well as the people who organize it, or just about. But there are always the people wading into their first visit who don't understand that even though WonderCon isn't Comic-Con it is still mega-mondo-super-mammoth huge. We left a "gargantuan" out of that list, but you get the point. It's big. Nope, WonderCon isn't as big as The World's Most Famous Pop Culture Extravaganza (tm), but given that it is put on by the Comic-Con International people, and given the fact that WonderCon could easily out-big most conventions of any sort out there, don't underestimate the stamina, comics-buying cash, or fluid intake you'll require. It's a Thing, right? With a capital T.

THIS YEAR'S DATES: The last three days of March -- that's Friday, March 29 through Sunday, March 31 -- at the Anaheim Convention Center. Perhaps you're thinking to yourself, "hey now, wasn't WonderCon in San Francisco for, like, forever?" Yep. And perhaps you're also thinking to yourself, "hey now, wasn't WonderCon only supposed to be in Anaheim for, like, a year?" Yep again. But for scheduling reasons, and other reasons of a hotel-expense sort, the convention is doing another round in Orange County, with hopes to head back to the Bay Area in 2014. Here's the official word.

GUESTS AND DOINGS: Jane Espenson, a "Firefly" producer (amongst other shows), is set to Q&A. The dean of all things animation and television, Mr. Mark Evanier, will be in the house. And artist Brent Anderson of "Astro City." Plus? There's the always lively, always outlandish Masquerade. Thanks for sticking in SoCal another year, WonderCon. We, too, wish you a safe journey back to your hometown, and soon, but it is cool to have you so close.

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