The World Pup Trots Into San Diego

Dogs'll don the jerseys of their humans' favorite teams at the Doggie Street Festival.

Doggie Street Festival

FOOTBALL FIDOS: You know it was bound to happen. You just knew it. The World Cup has been the biggest thing going in many quarters for the past month, meaning any major dogly to-do happening during that soccer-mad span would probably pay tribute. And that "pup" rhymes with "cup"? So cute and too tempting. Which means this: The Doggie Street Festival, which is billed as "Southern California's Largest Pet Adoption-Focused Festival," will feature a "World Pup" event and parade. Will this mean that waggers will don the jerseys of their most beloved World Cup teams -- or the teams that their humans like the most -- and go strutting about in all of their football-fashionable glory on Saturday, July 12? You bet it means that, and there are prizes to boot, too (for the top 5 participants). If you're already sad about the Cup wrapping up, and you love you some Lassies, this could be just the lively and photo-ready way to send off the year's most out-sized sporting spectacular.

BUT... there is lots to do at the Doggie Street Festival. From those oh-so-important adoption areas to special guests to the appearance by the Milo's Kitchen Treat Truck (yep, a food truck for the Fidos in our world), the dogly day will fill out in all the tail-wagging ways. There is a Doggie Street Festival headed for Los Angeles, on Sunday, July 20, but the World Pup is listed for the San Diego event. As it should be, to time with the final weekend of the soccer extravaganza.

ARF ARF: For more info on the cupcakes and doggie photo booths and giveaways and adoptions, bark this way, dog devotees.

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