The Catch: $100/Month in West Covina: Pay $100 a month in…

Pay $100 a month in rent and "walk, feed, play and exercise" this woman's dogs. More via her Craigslist ad: "I am a busy professional and do spend a lot of time with my dogs, but would like them to get even more activity. Must absolutely LOVE dogs of course and be confident in taking them out to doggie parks and walks. Dogs are relatively well-behaved. Range in breeds and sizes. [ED: How many dogs are we talking?] Also help out around the house a bit with weekly trash take-out and keep front lawn clean and mowed....maybe wash cars?? A cool offer for a young guy or girl looking to live in a comfy place in exhange for some light house work and mostly doggie nannying.....$100 a month gets you in with promises of doggie nannying and walks at least 5 days out of the week." This rental is in West Covina, and that's one of her dogs. Looks like he likes to gnaw on things. The Catch features everything-looks-good-except listings. Submissions to the tipline. [Craigslist]

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