LA Marathon Route: Stadium to the Sea

The organizers behind the LA Marathon just sent out an email releasing the route map for the 2010 race that will take place on March 21 (which returns the race to a Sunday in March, rather than a holiday Monday like Memorial Day—when this year's race took place).

Anyhoo, the route is called from "The-Stadium-to-the-Sea" and will hit many city landmarks, beginning at Dodger's Stadium and ending at "the beach." Well, we know how easy it is to get to Dodger's, right? The bus doesn't even go there directly. And the beach, well that's got bus service, but past marathons have kicked off close to train stations in Downtown and the Valley that were heavily patronized by participants. Maybe Dodgers owner Frank McCourt will open up his giant parking lot for free? We'll see. [LA Marathon]

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