The Kogi Effect: Korean Tacos Popping Up Everywhere

As some have pointed out, the biggest upshot of Kogi Mania will likely be the use of Twitter and similar technology to create buzz, but don't worry: Korean tacos are beginning to proliferate across the continent. We've already had La Taquiza here in LA stake its own dubious claim to the movement, and now the trend has reached the East Coast. The above shot comes courtesy of the Mothership, and depicts the new marketing ploy of a Korean restaurant in the East Village. See the visual side-by-side of the two Korean tacos here (Kogi on the right).

For what it's worth, the always-diplomatic Kogi folks have this to say: "Dude, there are more than enough Korean tacos to go around. I mean, why hate, when we can aLL appreciate?...Like I aLways say, mo love, mo tacos, mo ono! (( H U G ))"

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