The WNO Show

A monthly confab for women to talk, sip some bevs and let the big-city stress go? Not only do we love that notion, we've been longing for it. The WNO Show -- that's WNO, for "Women's Night Out" -- has been sashaying through SoCal for a few years now, picking up LA ladies who want nothing more to gab, go on an outlandish field trip or two and simply get together with other LA ladies.

Actress Alicia Brandt and pals founded The WNO Show -- which is billed as a "salon-meets-slumber-party" -- after longing for a little female camaraderie. We can't blame her a bit. After all, this is a city famous for people who are either a) isolated in cars for hours each day or b) competing at auditions. Or c) holing up because they don't know where to go and won't know anyone when they get there, so they don't even try.

Forget all that. You'll know the women who go WNO; you'll know 'em the moment you walk in the door, so relax. They love fun and adventure and intelligent conversation and surprise and supporting each other, plus lively guests like Stacy McQueen The Craft Whore and the great Patt Morrison of the Times. Whether its a trip to Swerve Studio to learn Bollywood-style dance or a night at a bar or an adults-only convention, plan on a sassy atmosphere, warm reception and frank 'n friendly chitchat.

The WNO Show
Thursday, October 16, 7:30PM
M Bar, 1253 N. Vine, Hollywood

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