They Look Like Burgers; They Are Not Burgers

It's already been established by the media and advertising and vacation hot-spots that summertime is the most mirthful stretch of the year. Want to wear a pair of bright yellow waterwings to work? A made-for-the-pool duck-headed innertube around your waist at the next board meeting? Do it.

Craziness reigns. That includes foods, of course. We're not talking about the fact that cotton candy and frozen bananas return for their annual bow in the summer, but other things, more staid supping, goes wacky. Like the ice cream sandwiches at Reservoir. They look like little burgers (they're not), with a side of fries (sans potatoes) and ketchup and mustard (in no shape or form are these actual condiments).

Instead: Gloria Felix, the chef at the Silver Lake seasonally minded restaurant, is doing up ice cream sandwiches, complete with white chocolate and strawberry puree dipping sauces (the mustard/ketchup bit) and puff pastry fries. We'd call this trompe l'oeil for the plate, but surely there is a better term. Food fool? The mystere du dessert? Something.

Whatever this bit of tasty trickery is called, we're calling it summer on a plate. Not just the ice cream part, but the playful part. But will Chef Felix mind if we were waterwings to her pretty establishment?

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