They're Here! Now How to Keep ‘Em Busy?

You've got work still. Volunteering. Shopping?! And there they are at your door, the in-laws, the old friends, the cousin you haven't seen for years but who finally made good on her promise to visit you in LA. Where to send them so you can get everything wrapped, including the wrapping?

REALLY CLASSIC: Bubbly, methane-y, rife with mastodons (fake). And free (the nearby Page Museum is not, but definitely worth a visit). The La Brea Tar Pits fascinate both locals and visitors alike. We've had out-of-towners ask why they built the city around this beautiful wonder. To which we say, "well, why not?"

CLASSIC: The handprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre. *Everyone* knows about them, everyone loves them, it shall be that way for all eternity. It's just so novel, so Tinseltown-y, so photographable for the folks back home. Best of all, there's a Metro stop right there, so you won't need to give them a lift (and you can't anyway, being at the office/mall).

NEW(ISH): Walt Disney Concert Hall. Okay, it isn't exactly new, but if your guests haven't been in town for the last couple of years, this is well worth a visit (again, highly photographable). Plus, the slightly high-brow-ish, music-lover's-dream gift shop makes for a good browse. And the Cathedral, MOCA and other downtown sights -- like Grand Central Market -- are all within walking distance. Again, as this is downtown, public transportation is excellent.

REALLY NEW: Perhaps your guests are freaking because they arrived empty-handed (so hard to get all those gifts in a suitcase, anyway). The Americana at Brand is actually new enough to be called "brand-spankin' new," and it has stores aplenty (plus a good theater if your guest wants to avoid the bag-laden crowds). Plus Porto's is just down the street, and every guest is made happier by delicious cake. Oh, and those bread-y, luscious potato balls... Ask your visitor to pick some up.

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