Thieves Stole Parts of Bus Belonging to a Youth Center in Los Alamitos

The bus was the only mode of transportation for over a thousand kids in Los Alamitos Youth Center

The members of a youth center in Alamitos thought they were in a safe zone, until parts of their bus, used to help thousand of children, got stolen right next to a police station.

For someone to come in and steal something, its horrible,” said Lina Lumme, executive director at The Youth Center in Los Alamitos. “For someone to go cut the part under the bus, it takes guts.”

The Youth Center serves over a thousand kids every year and provides after-school programs, mentorship, scholarships and field trips. But now, these are all in limbo until they fix what was their only mode of transportation.

The bus, which was clearly marked with the name and logo of The Youth Center, was parked right along the curb in front of the center’s building and right next to a police station.

Police believe the thieves stole the catalytic converter sometime around Sep. 28 and left the bus inoperable, and the center devastated.

“It’s mind boggling,” said Lumme. “I’m really thinking, is there anything sacred nowadays? It's our kids, it’s our future.”

To help the center raise $3,000 to fix their bus, you can contact them and donate here.

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