Things Are Getting Mighty McRibby

Yep, a certain much-obsessed over sandwich is back.

Fast food fans often debate which seasonal and/or sometimes specialties are most beloved and most elusive. There are the Shamrock shake fans, people who are usually found with a cold cup in each hand each and every March; there are the buffs who only go for regional foods (like lobster on fast food chain burgers in certain New England burgs); and then there are the loud 'n lively McRibbists.

That last group is a serious, and seriously devoted, bunch. And Tuesday, Nov. 2, is that group's day, because the McRib is back for a multi-week stint.

Stephen Colbert has been talking about it; it has made the headlines for a few days now. But until Nov. 2, that was all just talkity talk. Now comes action. Do you want to see if a McDonald's near you is slathering on that special savory sauce on the riblet-shaped feastie? Best follow your McRib Locator now.

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