Think Your Outfit Over; Joan Rivers Dishes in Person

Oscar Week is officially here; well, it's not really an official week, except if you live/work within 10 miles of the Kodak Theatre, and then every news item, every road closure, every surprise "they're in town?" star sighting becomes part of the beautiful, glittery orb that gently surrounds and cossets the run-up to Sunday.

First up in the week is a conversation with -- and we have to put "one and only" here -- the one and only Joan Rivers. Should we add the incorrigible Joan Rivers, too? Perhaps. Because no matter what her critics have lobbed her way, what stars have skipped away (as fast as one can skip in stilettos) from her red-carpet microphone, that comedian trucks on, and you got to give the lady props for that. Plus, she broke barriers back for funny women back in the day with her sheer bravado and willingness to "go there"; that she's still going there shouldn't shock anyone.

She's also written a book -- "Murder at the Academy Awards" -- just in time for the glittery night. It's a mystery, and -- hold onto your tear-drop diamonds -- there's a murder at the Academy Awards. Are we revealing too much? Hope not. Perhaps, we're thinking, it'll be a fun read for commercial breaks during the big, mega-hour show. If you want to hear more of the book, of Joan's journey through the comic rank-and-file, of fashion and mistakes and plastic surgery -- again, she'll go there -- she's at the Doheny WGA Theater in a Writers Bloc conversation with Joel Stein.

Monday, February 16, 7PM
WGA Theater, 135 S. Doheny Boulevard, Beverly Hills

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