Those Folds, Those Wet Eyes, Those Snarfles

Justin Rudd, who heads up the famous, and famously well-attended (think hundreds and hundreds of dogs) Haute Dog pageants in Long Beach, is known for always having his faithful Rosie at his side. Rosie, an 11-year-old bulldog, has made the cover of magazines like Westways, and serves as something of a serene symbol to the line-up of eager roly-poly beauties competing in this dog-lovers' lark.

If you have a bulldog -- or a pug, or French bulldog, or a senior of any breed -- you are welcome to compete in the Bulldog Beauty Contest (there are actually a few different contests going on during the day for the various breed types). If you simply adore pups, you're invited to come watch, or attend the on-site dog fair. Expect to find a lot of people devoted to their pooches, and to pooch causes in general, as well as a lot of high-spirited snorfling among the close-to-the-ground, collar-wearing contestants.

We fondly recall seeing a skateboarding bulldog at the the pageant a few years back. We also recall replaying the video on the official pageant web site like 16 times. Yep, we'll cop to it. We do so love a skateboarding bulldog. But who doesn't?

Bulldog Beauty Pageant
Sunday, February 15, 10AM-3PM; 1:30PM English Bulldog Pageant (note: the various pageants have different start times during the day; check the official site)
Marine Stadium, 5225 E. Paoli Way, Long Beach

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