Three Big Laughs

Rove McManus, Billy Crystal, and "Re-Animator" songs. Oh my.

Rove McManus

We won't lie. Every year, when the Fringe fest lands in Scotland, as it did this week, we get a mite bit jealous. We imagine buskery and comedy and giggles galore, and we want to be in that mix. We have loads of fine comedy here, of course -- and lots of our LA performers Fringe it up, year after year -- but it is August, and things feel slower and syrupier, and we want to be in a chillier clime laughing it up.

Our three picks can't deliver weather on demand -- at least we don't think they can -- but bet they'll deliver on smiles and anecdotes and outlandish, sci-fi ballads. That's last.

Rove McManus: Do we love the spritely and lovely television personality 'round these parts? Oh yes we do. Mr. McManus is from Australia, and quite the wit, and he'll be at the Jon Lovitz Comedy Club at Universal Citywalk for four Wednesdays starting on Aug. 10. Bonus: Wikipedia says he voiced a crab in "Finding Nemo." Where does one go after that? C'mon. Pincers by Pixar. That's like a career dream x 1000.

Billy Crystal: He'll be at the Aero on Friday, Aug. 12, talking "City Slickers." Which is 20 this year. It's still fresh, especially all of Mr. Crystal's scowls and what-am-I-doing-out-here sighs. Isn't a live "When Harry Met Sally..." reunion due? We're just saying. (Note: This event is sold out but American Cinematheque says there will be a stand-by line.)

"Re-Animator: The Musical": One of the most infamous and baroque horror films of the '80s wraps its lauded, song-filled run at the Steve Allen on Sunday, Aug. 14. If you know the film, we know you'll be there. We also heard there's a "splash zone" in the first few rows. You know people'll be after those seats.

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