Three Things: Potato


POTATO SACK SKIRT: If you've stood in the corner, clutching a sweating drink, sweating yourself, at the last few parties you've attended, this is certainly a get-the-wearer-out-of-the-corner item. Plus, fall is straight ahead, and this has a fall-ish feel to us. We wouldn't necessarily go apple-picking in it, but we'd probably wear it to make apple martinis afterward. From dinwiddie, $68

MOLE POTATO CHIPS: You've road-tripped it through the A-Z (few call it the A-Z, by the way, although we do like how Arizona's abbreviation contains the first and last letters of the alphabet). You've had Poore Brothers chips. Fancy fancy. Now the famous desert-based snackery has a new flavor we're about to drive over to Phoenix, today, to buy. Mole. Yes. More mole. Or you can order online in quantity. Five bags, $26.50

SWEET POTATO PIE: The pie scene in Los Angeles gets its shout-outs -- hasn't House of Pies been mentioned in about a dozen songs? -- and we all have our spots for raisin rum or pecan or banana. Honey's Kettle Fried Chicken in Culver City has the sweet potato we're particularly sweet on. They come in small sizes, too. All that beta carotene. We don't even reach for the aerosol can of whipped cream product. $2.50

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