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Director Edgar Wright is programming the New Bev for a week.

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What's the word for, when you think of a particular song, you just have to go listen to that song right then, because you'll be driven half-mad if you don't?

We'll call it Rightnowsongitis. But it can also apply to movies, such as when a person starts thinking about the opening scene of "Shaun of the Dead," the one in the pub, where director Edgar Wright's zing-about-with-impunity style becomes immediately, deliriously clear.

Now Mr. Wright and all of this zinging impunity will be landing smack in the middle of the New Beverly Cinema for a week, starting on Jan. 14. He's programming several films, including his own ("Scott Pilgrim vs. The World" is one, natch), and he will be making a few fanboy-go-crazy appearances, too.

Tickets go on sale at noon on Friday, Jan. 7. You could wait on those and see if you can get in, but c'mon. Shaun stood up to the zombies, sort of, while sniveling and running on occasion, but then he'd stand and fight, eventually, so you can take action, too.

And speaking of songs, we're now thinking of "Don't Stop Me Now," by Queen, which was in a particularly marvelous "Shaun of the Dead" zombie-take-down scene. Must go listen now, lest we come down with a case of Rightnowsongitis.

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