Tie-Dyed To-Do Spotlights Vintage VWs

Remember going to Woodstock? You can, again, in Costa Mesa.

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MUD, MUSIC, MYTH: When one is someplace, doing something, usually the thoughts that crosses one's mind are of the day-to-day sort. Food, did I turn the iron off, I should phone my brother. We're not sure what the thoughts were on the minds of the people who attended Woodstock back in the August of 1969 -- they probably had a lot to do with keeping try, finding their friends, and staying near the stage -- but they couldn't have been about how the concert would blossom into legend. Which it did almost instantly. Has there ever been such a fairly short event that flowered into a full-on cultural movement, complete with its own soundtrack, catchphrases, styles, and cars? Woodstock, you take the natural, no-sugar, organic cake in this department. And it surprises us not that parties continue to be thrown in homage to the mega music event nearly 44 years later. Not just in homage, but to relive the spirit and vibe.

WHICH IS WHAT... the OC Marketplace will be doing at its annual Woodstock Tribute Weekend on Saturday, July 6 and Sunday, July 7. Tie-dye wearables shall reign, as will tribute bands, and auto enthusiasts will be making for the vintage VW line-up. (There was just one at the Petersen Automotive Museum, too, which makes us think it is a fine time to own a micro bus. But isn't every time a fine time for that?) It's two bucks to get in, which feels like a 1969-ish price to us. Still, have extra cash for the food trucks and art for sale and such. What if there had been food trucks at Woodstock? Would that have changed its feel at all? The rain, the mud, the sharing of munchables that one arrived with. Oh, Woodstock. Some 44 years later and you're still so you.

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