Tim & Eric Weird It Up at Amoeba

We've often sung the praises of "Tom Goes to the Mayor," an animated love letter to strip-mall culture and small-town politics and one man's can-do spirit that ran on Adult Swim many a moon ago. Comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim, who are signing DVDs at Amoeba on Wednesday, February 18, were behind the satirical shenanigans, and now they're at the helm of "Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job!," a show that's perplexed and delighted and ruffled feathers for a few seasons running.

In a town that has a comedian or two, what sets these two Cartoon Network stars apart? Their sketches are so very, very strange, but almost delicately so. We're fans of their Only Married News Team in the Tri-County Area, a pair of peppy, gung-ho journos who never let anything get them down, and especially not their love and devotion to each other. But other bits are just blissfully odd, or soft-lit sentimental yet highly dramatic (see "A Vodka Movie," a big YouTube sensation). And plenty of highly awkward pauses that linger just a little too long.

So, will weirdness be afoot at the signing? We're counting on it. But what flavor? Will they show in costume? Any celeb guest surprises, like their show? Stay tuned...

Tim & Eric at Amoeba
Wednesday, February 18, 6PM
6400 Sunset Boulevard, Hollywood

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