Time Travel for a Penny

Angels Flight marks its 110th with one-cent rides.

Do you feel as excited as we do when you come across something that costs a cent?

Even penny candy doesn't seem to be a penny these days. And when we do find that rare single cent purchase we must fight the urge to turn to the entire store and shout "a penny! A penny!" The owner might rightly ask us to leave.

But Angels Flight will be selling tickets for exactly that amount on Saturday, Dec. 31. That happens to be the 110th anniversary of "The Shortest Railway in the World" and the fans'll be heading downtown to celebrate. Ohhh, bet some people will ride a few times, if the lines don't get too long, meaning they'll be spending upwards of a nickel or a dime.

Watch it, big spenders!

Adding to the day's merriment will be Jim Dawson, who wrote the book on the landmark railway. He'll be signing those books across the street at Grand Central Market.

Now, a special note to the out-of-towners here for the Tournament: Hi. Enjoying LA? Good, good. So, a lot of locals'll be out at Angels Flight on Dec. 31, given that it is so rife with history and charm and all. But we recommend you also swing by for a visit, too, for two reasons. One? That guidebook on your hotel nightstand likely features a whole page on the quaint Bunker Hill railway. And two? Detractors outside our fair megalopolis sometimes crow about how tony and glitzy and pricey LA is. Yeah, there's truth to that, but we want you to return home saying you visited one of the city's best loved landmarks and you paid only a penny.

Spread the LA lore, is all we're saying. Angels Flight is a big part of that. Happy riding, pennyists!

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