Tinseltown Tales Unspool at Hollywood Forever

The Art Deco Society visits a world-famous cemetery.

Art Deco Society

Is Hollywood Forever the most visited cemetery in the world?

It is one popular destination, for movie fans, for Hollywood historians, and, of course, for people who want to honor the people who have passed. There are many famous names in the cemetery, as you likely know, and you of course know there are many names that never made it up on marquees. Those names do live on in the hearts and minds of the friends and relatives who continue to visit, which is good and right.

But while visitors may often call upon the Santa Monica Boulevard plot, probably few have taken an official tour, a walkabout that tells the stories behind the names on the crypts and headstones.

We recommend one, and the annual Art Deco Society's Hollywood Forever day is a fine place to start. There are several tours happening between 10 a.m. and noon on Saturday, Oct. 8. Price is twenty dollars. Costumes are in no way required -- we mention that because the society is known to be a pretty swanky bunch -- but sunscreen is recommended. (It also looks like it'll be the quintessential warmish October LA day, too.)

What denizen's story will especially impact you? We always like to pay homage to Peter Lorre, especially around this time of year, given the fact the character actor had a penchant for playing villains. Oh, but to have seen him as a romantic, swashbuckling lead! We can rewrite a little Hollywood history, in our own heads, at least.

Get your information, and get more info on the ADSLA's swank-it-up go-outs. They host a lot of historic cocktail nights in some of our oldest, most storied venues.

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