Shopping List: Gourmet Thanksgiving

Best bread ever? Produce to die for? A meal is as good as its ingredients, and here are some must-have items for your Thanksgiving platter.

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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Bread. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href="">Huckleberry in Santa Monica</a>. <B>WHY:</B> Since opening about a year ago, Huckleberry has been host to long lines of eager eaters, in large part due to their bakery items. <B>INFO:</B> 310.451.2311 - Huckleberry is closed on Mondays.
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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Sweet potatoes, greens, pecans and the like. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B>A farmer's market. <B>WHY:</B> Grocery store fare can't compete with one of our many wonderful local markets. Plus, browsing stand to stand might inspire something you haven't thought of. <B>INFO:</B> <a href=",1,5715921.htmlstory">The LA Times has a list of farmer's markets all over the city.</a>
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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Cheese. For snacking. For the <a href="">sweet potatoes gratin</a>. For cheese's sake. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href="">The Cheese Store of Silverlake</a> <B>WHY:</B> Great selection. Knowledgable staff. And as one Yelper put it: "They give samples." <B>INFO:</B> <a href=""></a>
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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Meat: Turkey, sure, but also sausage, bacon, lamb, and more. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href=">Taylor's Ol' Fashioned Meat Market in Sierra Madre</a> <B>WHY:</B> Taylor's is a high-quality, much-adored butcher shop that sells a variety of meats and maintains that Mayberry R.F.D. kind of vibe. <B>INFO:</B> 626.355.8267
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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Side dishes. And you want to be creative. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href="">Bottega Louie, downtown.</a> <B>WHY:</B>Because showing up with prettily-packaged mashed potatoes, pumpkin squash, fennel and sweet onions or beets and goat cheese will score you serious style points. <B>INFO:</B> 866.418-9162
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<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Dessert. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href="">Kiss My Bundt Bakery</a> is a good place to start. <B>WHY:</B> Because they specialize in delicious, made-from-scratch bundt cakes and southern-inspired confections. And saying Kiss My Bundt is funny. <B>INFO:</B> 323.655.0559, or Twitter @KissMyBundt
<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Dessert. But more traditional. Specifically, pie. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href=" ">Marie Callendar's</a> on Wilshire. <B>WHY:</B> Marie Callendar's is next to "pie" in the dictionary. We think. Their pumpkin, chocolate fudge or good ol' apple will please the family, for sure. <B>INFO:</B> 323.937.7952
<B>ON YOUR LIST:</B> Coffee. <B>WHERE TO BUY IT:</B> <a href="">Intelligentsia Coffee</a> in Venice or Silverlake. <B>WHY:</B> It's strong, delicious, and ethically traded. And the tattooed baristas are cool. <B>INFO:</B> <a href=""></a>
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