To Live and Dive in LA

GET BRAGGY: We'd never encourage anyone to talk on the phone during a movie -- eek and all that -- but here is phone call you should place after watching a flick at the Aqua Star Pool at the Beverly Hilton. "Hi <name of friend here>. What are you doing? Cleaning your pantry? Er. Yeah. Anyway, guess what I was just doing? Relaxing on a lounger, sipping a Trader Joe's tiki drink, and watching a movie by the pool at the BevHil. You know the Beverly Hilton, right? Golden Globes and all that jazz? Yeah. Well. I'll let you get back to your pantry. Ta." Granted, it isn't the sweetest phone call in the world, but being a little braggy about something fun now and then is no harmful thing. If anything, it may inspire your friend to come out with you.

THE DEALS: The "To Live and Dive in LA" nights happen on Wednesdays and Thursdays through September 1. While the title of the series might imply that they're LA movies, flicks like "Sleepless in Seattle" and "Enchanted" are on the bill (but, of course, even if a movie isn't an LA movie it very likely could have been made here). Cost to watch? Free. Cost to order apps and drinks from nearby Trader Vic's? Look at the menu. Cost of bragging a bit about your bad self? Baby, that's all profit, no loss.

THE BEVHIL: Yeah, we said it. Once. We're going back to saying the Beverly Hilton now.

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