To the Manor Reborn

West Adams puts out the bunting and swag.


Most locals would jump at the chance to nosey around a fine old mansion located in, say, West Adams. But if there is seasonal bunting and swaggery involved, and a few lit-up trees, and fancy holiday dining, the deal is sealed.

Seasonal bunting and swaggery. Just the words set the mind reeling. Are you thinking of some glittery cloth wound around a mahogany banister? Glittery cloth really betters everything, even things not in need of bettering, like mahogany banisters.

The West Adams Heritage Association is putting out the bunting and the baked goods at its annual look inside historic homes on Saturday, Dec. 4 and Sunday, Dec. 5. Those are the dates for "To the Manor Reborn," a grand tour/dinner leg-it around the over-the-top piles of ye olde Westmoreland Boulevard.

And when we say "piles" there, we mean it in only the most complimentary fashion. Heavy, solid, wood-filled homes that could loan character out to ten other homes half their size, and still have boodles of charm.

Time slots are a-going, but when progressive dinners and grand piles are involved, that is to be expected.

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