Today in Beer: Pub Special and Sudsy Soap

SKINNY DIP GLASS: If you're a collector of pub glasses -- legally, we mean -- you buy them, or are given them, or win them in various pub-trivia contests -- it's always a lovely thing to get a new one. Lucky you, then, that Library Alehouse on Main Street in Santa Monica has a libation-licious special going on Tuesday, August 18th: Buy a pint of Skinny Dip and leave the bar with the glass. We just popped by to look at the label; it's nice. Bucolic. Then, every Skinny Dip after that is a buck. We thought you might want to Skinny Dip tonight.

MOON ON THE RISE BEER SOAP: Because we like that fresh clean hoppy scent, but we don't necessarily want to take a six-pack into the shower. The cans get so slippery. This scrubber is from The Beer Soap Co. -- we do love a name with clarity -- and it is made with Blue Moon's Rising Moon Summer Ale, plus a lot of other skin-sweet products, oils and cocoa butter. Just don't bite the soap. Who doesn't want to sometimes bite soap that smells good? This isn't a secret that people have this urge. We think. $5

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